Laminar Flow Bench

Laminar Flow Bench

Our company is bracketed with the prime Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Laminar Flow Bench from India. Our TECSONIC Laminar Flow Bench is precisely designed to provide working space with HEPA filter having efficiency of 99.997% down to 0.3% microns, pre filter 90% down to 5 microns. This equipment complies with set industry standards and is quality approved by the authorities. It is easy to operate and maintain. Laminar Flow Bench is available in both Vertical and Horizontal versions.



  • Suitable motor blowing assemblies
  • Stainless Steel working table top
  • Side acrylic panel
  • Florescent tube light
  • Pressure differential Manometer


Technical Specifications

Catalog No. TLFV-2 And TLFH-2 TLFV-3 And TL FH -3 TLFV-4 And TLFH-4
Working Area 2x2x2 inches 3x2x2 inches 4x2x2inches
Size of filter 2x2x6 inches 3x2x6 inches 4x2x6 inches
HAPA Filter(with unit) 1 No. 1 No. 1 No.
Pre -Filter(with unit) 1 No. 1 No. 1 No.
Fluorescent Tube 1 x 20 Watts 2 x 20 Wat ts 2 x 40 Watts
U.V.Tube 2 feet(1 Nos) 2 feet(1 Nos) 4 feet(1 Nos)

NB : Specification may change without prior notice